Friendly Energy Services provides home owners with an alternative solution to their over priced energy bills.

Every month you’re spending an exuberant amount on your utility bills. Have you ever questioned yourself as to why you’re spending so much? Probably to an extent, but did you know there’s a cheaper solution that not only saves you money each month, but provides incentives too?

Friendly Energy Services does all the work by providing homes and businesses with better energy prices, with NO hidden costs or charges. And guess what? We can also help with your phone bill too.

When you switch over your energy bills the benefits will seem minimal within the first month, however overtime, the benefits and incentives will make a huge impact on your life and your wallet.

What we offer that others don’t:

  • Our low energy prices are fixed until September until 2017 (price includes VAT)

  • Our quoted price is always cheaper than the average of the “Big Six” cheapest variable tariffs, which include: E.ON, SSE, British Gas, Scottish Power, Npower and EDF

  • Not only do we do energy bills, but we can swap your phone bill over to just £7.99 per month

  • The provider we work with will give you up to £200 to help you leave your current contract and switch over

  • Free mobile phone protection scheme

  • There’s a prompt reminder at the end of your contract, so there’s no fines or high tariffs

  • No energy contract, so you are free to leave at any time - however we don’t think this will happen, especially since you’ll be paying less for more.

If that wasn’t enough, there are extra benefits for switching over your energy AND phone bills:

  • Gourmet Society membership

  • Avios Miles (British Airways flyer miles)

  • 25% off broadband FOR LIFE

  • FREE LED light bulbs for life

  • FREE international calls

  • Cash back off shopping

We would love to tell you more about this amazing opportunity, just send us an email